Austin Engineering

Tyre Handlers

Austin Engineering design and manufacture a comprehensive range of tyre handling equipment from 1,00kg to 10,000kg capacity.

Our JEC tyre handlers offer a range of options including 30 degree body/120 degree pad rotation or 360/360 option, telescopic or parallelogram designs, side shift and quick hitch. A range of connections are available.

Our unique T3 Tyre Handler is a compact tyre handler for use underground and in confined space, along with above ground use. The T3’s unique third arm gives added stability when performing tyre maintenance, making the process safer. Its lower height, compact size and increased rotation provides more efficient tyre maintenance. Suitable for use on a wide range of mine trucks and wheel loaders, the T3 also facilitates attachment tooling for use with materials handling equipment.

Download the Tyre Handler Brochure.